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MapleStory Introduced Limited Quantity Items for Only One Hour for New Year
MapleStory Introduced Limited Quantity Items for Only One Hour for New Year

The new year is coming, to celebrate the New Year, MapleStory Introduced some special limited-time items. You can see the official news below.


MapleStory M - Top 5 Tips You Need to Know
MapleStory M - Top 5 Tips You Need to Know

The colorful locale of Maple World is popular among MapleStory M fans since its launch, and MapleStory M now has become even more of a fun time sink with newly updated characters and events in the play. MapleStory M's current update has brought its new magician Dragon Master class, Evan, in conjunction with the new mini-games and seasonal events.


MapleStory 2 Pets Basic Guide
MapleStory 2 Pets Basic Guide

In MapleStory 2, combat pets have their own attack energy, which can be elevated as they level up. The high quality the pet, the greater their base attack energy, along with the stronger they can become. This is why Epic pets are so desired, considering that they will give you quite an increase in battle. Once you reach Lv. 50, you are going to achieve the awesome capability to catch pets inside the wild. They can even provide you with an edge in battle.


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