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14th Anniversary of Maplestory
14th Anniversary of Maplestory

For celebrating the 14th anniversary of MapleStory, Nexon Co., Ltd has released a new patch of a promotional event. It is a space-themed and features a variety of plants you can travel to with special minigames and benefits. A lot of updates and features have been changed in the new patch.


Don’t be a MapleStory Addiction Gamer
Don’t be a MapleStory Addiction Gamer

Do you know what will happen if one MapleStory Game indulge in the game, you can not image the things because of MapleStory Addiction. I think I should advise your guys who are very fond of playing MapleStory, please don’t become MapleStory’s slaver, ita just a game for relax, but don’t let it affect your real life.


Why MapleStory Removed the NPC: Donald Trump?
Why MapleStory Removed the NPC: Donald Trump?

MapleStory is a so popular and iconic video online game and a lot of gamers play the game from their childhoods, buy I don’t know if you find that there is a non-player character inspired by Donald Trump, who looks exactly like the US President. But MapleStory decide to remove it from Mar 1, why? Lets find the answer for it today.


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