14th Anniversary of Maplestory

For celebrating the 14th anniversary of MapleStory, Nexon Co., Ltd has released a new patch of a promotional event. It is a space-themed and features a variety of plants you can travel to with special minigames and benefits. A lot of updates and features have been changed in the new patch.

And the 14th anniversary StarSeed Festival event will run from April 27, 2017 to May 10, 2017. During this period, special items will be on sale. The Star Seed Festival Cube Pack for 29,000 Cash, including 5xRed Cube, 5xBlack Cube, 5xAdditional Cubes, and 1xStar Seed. The Star Seed Festival Royal Style Package for 28,600 Cash, including 13xMaple Royal Style Coupon, and 1xStar Seed. It is really worth for. Also you can collect and trade in Star Seeds for additional rewards.

There are 5 achievements which you can try to complete over the course of the event. For each one you complete, you’ll receive a certain number of Galaxy Stars. If you complete all 5 achievements, you’ll receive the Would You Like Maple? which gives 50 all stats, 20 attack/magic attack, 30% boss damage/defense ignore, and 2000 HP/MP. The stats will expire in 30 days.

The Mega Burning Project will run from April 27 to May 24. At level 100, you’ll receive the Legendary Secret Box which when opened will reward you with 2 Mastery Book 20’s, 2 Mastery Book 30’s, and a full Black set. At level 30, you’ll receive the Level 30 Equipment Box which is self-explanatory.

Finally, when your Mega Burning character is created, it will receive a Snail pet that has 5 hours of magic. It comes with meso loot, item loot, auto loot, and auto HP/MP. You cannot use the Water of Life on it.

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