4 Features You Should Know About MapleStory

MapleStory is a free game from Wizet and Nexon scrolling MMORPG. Into a magical and mysterious world, epic adventures, actions and good friends waiting for you. Explore the land of Maple Leaf World, create and train a strong hero, conquer dangerous underground city, overcome terrible bosses, and interact with your friends more.


Terrifying Bosses | The terrible boss is confronted with the boss than any of the more powerful you have ever encountered. Work with friends, or if you are looking for a real challenge, please place your order alone. Enter the boss Arena, control your own boss monster, or test your skills to prevent the player from controlling the monster.

The Adventure Never Ends | In addition to the endless quest, MapleStory also offers regular activities, games and special mini games, so there is always a new pleasure. Through frequent game updates, MapleStory's world is expanding, providing new opportunities for heroes to explore, make new friends and test their power.

Tailor Made Heroes | Creates your fully customized role by choosing from hundreds of different hairstyles, skin colors, facial features and clothing to release your true nature. The available options in MapleStory are almost infinite, allowing you to design a hero that can stand out from the crowd.

A Class Above l Champion has a variety of shapes and sizes in MapleStory. From more than 40 playable classes forging their own powerful conquerors, including the mysterious demon avenger, the ferocious beast Tamer and the explosive gunner.

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