All the New 5th Job Advancement Skills Will Happen in MapleStory

MapleStory will release a big update this summer, each skill will have some skills to enhance. MapleStory is ready for all directions, and Override Evolve and Override Venture are the names of this update. Then we will be one by one to introduce some of the skills in the game are on what updates.

Due to the length of space, we will introduce a few more important skills, if you want to learn more about MapleStory Updates, you can follow

Kaiser - Bladefall: Let your storm fall on the enemy, infuse the deadly magma, incinerate the enemy!

Angelic Buster - Superstar Spotlight: A real superstar, wherever they go, they will take their spotlight! The enemy is considered not worthy of attention, and in its light under the damage, and your own ability to be improved!

Demon Slayer - Spirit of Rage: Sacrifice the wrath of all your characters to arouse a purely angry vicious snake, attack the enemy before disappearing.

Hayato - Iaijutsu Phantom Blade: Offer a series of incredible quick strikes! Each successful strike will provide 5 times the buff.

Evan - Wyrmking's Breath: In this fusion technique, Evan with his dragon, Mill! Evan inculcate the magic, and Mill uses the dragon am skills, leading to a brief growth of Mill, the release of a trace of elemental energy!

Dark Knight - Radiant Evil: Evil eyes reveal yourself in front of your character Explode nearby enemies!

Mercedes - Sylvidia's Flight: Ride Sylvidia's fight, unicorn majestic queen! Activate the skills to install once, and then perform a collision attack again. You can also attack from the air!

Phantom - Ace in the Hole: Throw a razor-sharp card infused with incredible power that ricochets dangerously among enemies!

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