Are You Looking for the Top Tips on Playing Corsair - Maplestory

I need some little more to go off of. what level are you? what are you looking for in particular bossing, mobbing, or both in general? 



I' will just give you a few pointers in general

For training wise, utilize your Summons to the max. they will help you cover certain platform, which will cut down the time for you to clear the map. Make sure you are are aware of cooldowns on FMA, such as Nautilus, and Bomb. Time them accordingly so you can clear more mobs, rather then just spamming the two. And of course you main mobbing skill is Easton.


For bossing its more or less similar. One thing to point out and always remember is to use and keep nautilus on cooldown. (this does two very useful things, one it cuts down cooldown times on Dice, crew summons, and broadside summon in HALF, and two while being on cooldown, it boosts the damage of majestic prescience which is essential with Rapid fire.)


You will find it kind of a hassle at first to juggle with all the summons, just be proactive about them, and make sure to always get them out when possible, as they do help a lot with our dps. Plus just just having crew out gives you some free attack (On top of each specific buff that the 4 different summons would give). You can have 2 crew out at a time, 1 octoquaterdeck , and if you can time your nautilus properly cutting down the cooldown time for broadside, you can have up to 2 broadside summons out at given times.


And then from there its just finding a rythm, casting parrotargetting on the boss, Rapid fire into Headshot whenever possible (utilizing quickdraw in between to boost Headshot damage) And then using bomb + nautilus when needed.


I dont know if you are in 5th job yet, if you are I can expand a little further, but its not too much of a drastic departure from what I listed above, more so of additions to the play style. Just a reminnd, as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Maplestory News and cheap Ms mesos trade with instant delivery.

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