Cygnus Knight

The MapleStory team have announced a new island zone coming to the game effective this Wednesday, April 6th!The MapleStory Aftershock update that comes in the wake of Big Bang introduces new content and challenges that will reward players for playing together and sticking with their Cygnus Knight character. Maple Story mesos. Players with a level 120 Cygnus Knight will have the opportunity to create an Ultimate Explorer character and start playing at level 50. Aftershock will also introduce a ferocious boss monster and a new zone to explore.

Players with a Cygnus Knight character that have reached the maximum level of 120 will have the chance to create a new Ultimate Explorer character and will be able to bypass early training and start at level 50, allowing them to quickly access higher level skills and quests. In addition, Cygnus Knights will be outfitted with the new skills, Empress' Shout and Empress' Prayer, that will allow them to participate in higher level content than ever before.The new zone is geared for players levels 55-75 and floats above the Orbis region!

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