Detailed Steps to Teach You How to Use Maplestory M Pets and Mounts

In Maplestory M, Pets and Mounts are adorable companions that aid you in your journey and they're an enormous utility function. In this article, we will list the detailed steps to teach you how to use the Pets and Mounts.



Step.1 To access Pet Interface, click Menu (tribar icon) positioned best proper corner - Character - Pet.


Step.2 Within the Pet Interface, you can view all sorts of pet details for example pet abilities and pet set effects. Furthermore, you could feed pet to upgrade its level so it might give bonus stats to your character. In addition, you'll be able to view all three pets from the left pane and its expiry date (e.g. Time Remaining 24 days 22 hours).


Step.3 Click on the Pet icon views its abilities. There are actually three Pet Skills. The very first pet skill would be the Pick Up Item which enables the pet to automatically loot Maplestory M Mesos, potions, and gear for you. The second pet talent "Auto-Use HP/MP Potion" which automatically utilizes HP/MP potion once your HP/MP gauge drops beneath a particular threshold. The third pet skill is "Pet Auto Buff Skill" that automatically activates the assigned Player Buff Talent or Buff Potion after the buff duration expires. The fourth pet talent is "Fever Buff Auto Activation" which is an uncommon talent that is certainly only readily available upon Apply three set effect.


Maplestory M Pets and Mounts


Step.4 Click on "Set Options" to view the Set Effects. These pet set effects are readily available by obtaining pets from event or buying from Cash Shop. The a single you see right here is definitely the Sailor Seal Package from Cash Shop which contains Admiral Seal, Sailor Seal and Steward Seal. Obtaining all 3 pets from the very same package provides extra stats which improves your damage output in the course of training and bossing.


Step.5 Register player skill by way of Pet Buff skills to allow the pet to automatically buff your character while it is on Auto-Quest or Auto-Battle in Mini Dungeon or Star Force maps.


Step.6 Register Fever Buff ability if your pet set effect is offered. This considerably increases the instruction experiences more than the lengthy period of time for those who have upgraded your Fever Buff to max levels. Fever Buff delivers an additional bonus for Meso Drop Price, EXP Rate, Attack-Defense, Speed-Jump Raise and so forth.


Step.7 To access the Money Shop, click Menu (tribar icon) located prime right corner - Shop - Cash Shop.


Step.8 You are able to buy Pet Meals and Premium Water of Life by means of Money Shop. To access Pet section in Money Shop, scroll down on the left pane till you see "Pet". Click "Pet" - "Pet Food". These items could be bought making use of crystals.


Step.9 MapleStory M Premium Water of Life is actually a cash shop consumable item that is employed to extend the pet's expiry duration to 30 days.


Step.10 MapleStory M Pet Meals increases pet experiences (EXP) by 100.


Step.11 You are able to also receive Pet Meals by completing an everyday job offered in the Activity window. Hunt 1000 monsters or pay 50000 meso to immediately full this task.

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