Do You Know Some Interesting News about Marriage & Divorce In MapleStory

The marriage system in MapleStory is one of the more popular features of Nexon's side-rolling MMO. Requiring a special pursuit of engagement rings, accepting partners, sending invitations, paying fees, setting dates, etc. This process is almost a mirror of real world marriage ... except for a divorce of 3 seconds to create a record!


As with any marital identity, the divorce system needs to be included in couples who do not see the eye at all. This is not a cheap feature because the player must fork a lot of money in the game and lose their wedding ring, the packaging will be missed by the great bonus.



So far, more than 28,000 couples have been married at MapleStory and 15,000 have been divorced. Nexon also recorded other interesting statistics:

• The longest marriage in MapleStory is 1,100 days

• The shortest marriage in MapleStory is 3 seconds.

• The maximum number of single users' marriages is 13 (which means 12 divorces!)

• The average number of days for weddings and divorces in 2012 is 107 days.

• The average duration of married couples in MapleStory is 518 days.

• The total duration of all marriages in MapleStory is 40,015,128 days.

• The largest day of marriage is January 7, 2012, a total of 115 people (the largest number of marriages in January, the least in October).

• MapleStory The largest number of divorce / bankruptcies is July 2012.

• MapleStory The largest number of divorce / bankruptcies is September 8, 2012, a total of 99 people.


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