Do you know the Content of MapleStory 5th Job Advancement Update

Recently, Nexon Entertainment announced that the 5th job advancement is coming soon to MapleStory, the long-running free-to-play MMORPG. So the MapleStory fans could be able to get in some play-time with the new feature, which will allow players to experience all class scaling, especially for the long-time fans of MapleStory.

No matter you are a Thief, Warrior, Bowman OR a Magician the developers have increased the ability to master new abilities, an all new elite line of equipment sets, the removal of a damage cap, and the inclusion of the new “V Matrix” skill system. They showcase what some of the new content is like with the update trailer below.
New Areas
They’re also introducing all new areas for players to explore that come with a set of new quests and bosses to face off against, such as Lucid the master of nightmares. The new areas are designed for level 200 players and higher, starting with the Vanishing Journey, which requires level 200 or higher just for entry. There’s also Chu Chu Island, which is a level 210+ zone, and the town of Lachelein for those level 220 or higher.
Promise Ability
They’re even promising the ability to achieve infinite character growth, which sounds like something you might do in Dragon Ball Z. In order to achieve infinite character growth they had to modify the character leveling curve by reducing the EXP requirements to level up, so that’s something they’ve been focusing on.
Other Changes
They’ve also made a bunch of other changes under the hood, such as no longer losing EXP during boss battles, improvements to the user interface, the monster EXP gains modified for each level curve, the ability to stack elixirs by up to 3,000, as well as all new special events to participate in.

Are you looking forward to playing the new game in MapleStory? I think most answer is “yes”. If you want know more MapleStory Mesos or MapleStory News, please keep your eyes on

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