Do You Know You Can Marry In MapleStory

Have you experienced a disappointment in love? Do you think it is hard to maintain a good feeling in real life? Maybe you will not think so after reading this article, I will share one phenomenon that the Digital Divorce Disaster Zone in MapleStory to you guys who even do not know you could marry with others in game!



Firstly, let us see one love story in MapleStory.

"I was young, naive, and thought I had met 'the one.' She asked me what I wanted in MapleStory for my birthday, and I told her that the only thing I could ever want was for her to marry me," said 20-year-old Tyler. But soon after the ceremony, things started to go south.

"She started saying that I wasn't the person she fell in love with. That I had changed, and that I didn't seem to care about her anymore," he continued. And then she threw his stuff out onto the lawn. "I got a call from my best friend, saying that all of my items were dropping. It was her. Less than a week later, we decided that we needed to sever all ties between us, and we had our marriage annulled. I haven't talked to her since."

And his is not the only tale of woe. 19-year-old Seth told of how his marriage collapsed after he figured out that she was only into him for his money. "I realized after a while that she was only out there to get free things off of me and we got in this conversation where she admitted to this accusation," he said. "So I decided I would have to annul our MapleStory marriage."

But though it is just a game, we will feel sad after loss the lover, or experienced divorce, though they do not need to fight for divorce alimony or child custody like real life, but one thing could confirm is they will loss 25 dollars once they divorced, so I think It is better not to have if you do not want to loss, we need cherish our lover or family in real life, rather than pay too much to a stranger in game.

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