Don’t be a MapleStory Addiction Gamer

Do you know what will happen if one MapleStory Game indulge in the game, you can not image the things because of MapleStory Addiction. I think I should advise your guys who are very fond of playing MapleStory, please don't become MapleStory's slaver, ita just a game for relax, but don’t let it affect your real life.


There are a lot real things because of MapleStory Addiction Gamer. A man on Sunday crashed a car into a South Korean game developer's office, claiming its games "ruined" his life.

The Chinese man, surnamed Lee, was in South Korea visiting when he decided to drive his older brother's car into developer Nexon's offices, reports the Korea Herald.

A two-year-old boy died in 2014 after his father left him unattended for several days to play video games. In 2010, a three-month-old child starved to death while her parents played a game, which ironically involved raising a virtual child, at an internet cafe for days.

Have you be shocked by these real unfortunate things? It’s not a bad thing to level your character in game, and make more mesos in game, but one thing you need to know it's a game, not your real life, please become a healthy MapleStory Gamer, and lets create a harmonious atmosphere between MapleStory Game and Real Life.

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