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I have tried looking up online on MapleWiki and AyumiLove but i find them lack-luster on these two pieces of information. i will list for the classes i've experience on so everyone can get something out of this as well. This could be a somewhat of a guide for people who want to choose something more viable for bossing, if that's what they're going for. I'm only going to list those that actually work so Aran will not be on the list even though Beyond Blade is described to grant invincibility. On the other hand, Angelic Buster will be listed even though Sparkle Bust is bugged because she still has Pantheon.



Because for many of the classes, I might not have all 5th job skills unlocked even though I've played them, you guys can feel free to add to them their invincibility skills or bind skills. some of these are skills I might not have personally learned but have only read up on, so feel free to correct me. Erda Nova will not be accounted because well, everyone has access to it.



Angelic Buster: Might of Nova (Nova V skill), Sparkle Burst


Aran: Hunter's Prey (not on demand), Freud's Blessing (Hero V skill, not on demand)


Battle Mage: Ethereal Form (Mage V skill)


Blaster: Revolving Blast (immobile)


Blaze Wizard: Cataclysm, Ethereal Form (Mage V skill*), Pheonix Run (revival buff)


Beast Tamer: Team Roar, Ethereal Form (Mage V skill)


Bishop: Ethereal Form (Mage V skill)


Buccaneer: Sommersault Kick (highly situational, unreliable)


Cadena: Chain Arts: Takedown, Might of Nova (Nova V skill)


Cannoneer: Nuclear Option (last for a fraction of a sec during casting)


Dark Knight: Final Pact (revival passive)


Demon Slayer: Raven Storm, Dark Metamorphosis


Dual Blade: Chain of Hell, Final Cut


Hayato: Surging Blade (i-frame)


Hero: Combo Death Fault (i-frame)


Ice/Lightning Mage: Freezing Breath (immobile), Ethereal Form (Mage V skill)

Fire/Poison Mage: Ethereal Form (Mage V skill)


Illium: Celestial Protection (not on demand), Longinus Zone, Ethereal Form (Mage V skill)


Kaiser: Might of Nova (Nova V skill), Ancestral Prominence (i-frame, immobile)


Kanna: Ethereal Form (Mage V skill)


Kinesis: Mental Tempest, Ethereal Form (Mage V skill), Ultimate Deep Impact


Luminious: Armageddon (i-frame), Ethereal Form (Mage V skill)


Marksman: True Sniping (immobile)


Mercedes: Freud's Blessing (Hero V skill, not on demand)


Mihile: Royal Guard (needs more opinion on its reliability)


Night Walker: Darkness Ascending (revival passive), Dominion (i-frame)


Paladin: Sacrosanctity (30s), Guardian (activated upon revival, affects party members)


Phantom: Final Feint (buff), Vol D'ame (granted when stolen, will soon be removed from rumor), Joker (i-frame), Freud's blessing (Hero V skill, not on demand)


Shade: Summon Other Spirit (revival passive), Spirit Incarnation, Backstep (i-frame, highly unreliable)


Shadower: Eviscerate (i-frame, not on demand but reliable)

Thunder Breaker: Deep Sea Rising (i-frame)

Xenon: Omega Blaster (immobile), Orbital Cataclysm


Evan: Dragon Master

Wild Hunter: Primal Fury/Jaguar Maximum


Zero: Time Holding, Immune Barrier (passive, i-frame against attacks that triggered it), Twin Blades of Time (immobile), Rewind (buff)

*Ethereal Form disables spell usage so no teleporting


Boss Bind:

Blaster: Revolving Blast (immobile)


Cadena: Chain Arts: Takedown (immobile)


Dawn Warrior: Impaling Rays


Demon Avenger: Blood Prison (immobile)


Demon Slayer: Binding Darkness


Ice/Lightning: Freezing Breath (immobilizes user?)


Kanna: Binding Tempest, Veritable Pandemonium


Luminous: Armageddon


Night Walker: Shadow Stitch


Paladin: Smite Shield


Shade: Spirit Trap


Wild Hunter: Jaguar Soul


Xenon: Confining Entanglement


Zero: Critical Bind (Beta passive), Chrono Break, Shadow Rain


Honorable Mention

Bowmaster: Quiver Catridge (HP restore/damage dealt)


Mihile: Shield of Light (reduces %HP damage)


Phantom: Judgment Draw: Drain Card (HP restore/damage dealt), Joker (reduces %HP damage)


Hopefully, we can get more info especially from Bishop and Battle Mage players as I feel those classes have at least one invincibility skill but I can't pinpoint which skills those are.



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