Flames and Additional Options - Nearly Comprehensive Maplestory Guide

Prior to Flames for GMS being announced, I knew next to nothing about flames, apart from memes about 200 attack flames in Luna. I was so hyped about them coming I spent a couple hours researching the fuck outta them. If you need to buy cheap Ms mesos in game, you can choose ms4mesos.com sale cheap Ms mesos.



What are flames? 

Simply put flames are another equipment upgrade system. It replaces the old above/below average randomisation of stats, and Additional Options will always give a benefit. Think of it like this:


Cubes --> Potential

Scrolls/Spell Traces --> Scrolled stats/Slots

Nebulite --> Nebulite (slot)

Flames --> Additional Options

In KMS, flames are a completely free to play upgrade system, and cannot be bought with NX.


What can be flamed? 

Everything can be flamed except the following: Rings, Emblem, Medals, Android, Android Hearts, Crusader Codex, Shoulder, Badge, Secondary Weapons, Totems 


What types of flames are there? 

There are two types of flames, of which can be broken down further.


Resurrection Flames range in level from 100 to 150, in intervals of 10, and are dropped by bosses. For the most part, the lower level flames come from daily bosses and the higher level flames come from weekly bosses. They can be used on equips of their level or below. For example, a level 130 boss flame can be used on all equips level 0-130 and a level 150 flame for 0-150. All of these flames are very weak, and their primary use is to be extracted for materials used to craft the other types of flames.


Crimson Flames and Eternal Rainbow Flames do not have a level and so can be used on all equips. These are more powerful, giving better stats and are harder to obtain.


How do you obtain flames? 

Level flames can be obtained from bosses, anything from Zakum to Pink Bean to Hard Magnus or Chaos Root Abyss and beyond. These are tradable.


Crimson flames can be obtained from Legion Shop, being a Mastercraftsman Accessory Crafter, Elite Boss boxes, Monster Exploration, Dojo Shop, Ursus, Fritto Portal, Event Shops, Inferno Wolf, Surprise Missions, high end Bosses such as Hard Will, Kiritas Shop. These are primarily untradeable.


Rainbow flames can be obtained from Event Shops, being a Meister Accessory Crafter, Elite Boss boxes, Events, Fritto Portal, Inferno Wolf, Surprise Missions, Kiritas Shop, Monster Exploration. These are primarily untradeable as well.

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