Getting Rewards from MapleStory Tera Burning Project Event

Now you can level up with the Tera Burning Project in MapleStory, this event is here to help you level a brand-new character up to Lv. 200! How to join this official event? What you should know about it? 


Build a brand-new character through the event period and choose it to possess the specific "Burning" effect. This occasion is open to characters in each Reboot and non-Reboot worlds, except for Zero characters (Illium, Cadena, and Ark are all eligible for Burning now).


MapleStory Tera Burning Project Event


Right after your character reaches Lv. ten, just about every time that character levels up it will achieve an additional two levels each of the ways as much as Lv. 200 (when your character hits Lv. 199, they will only be leveled up to Lv. 200)! Characters that have been offered the Tera Burning effect also can start 5th Job quests devoid of finishing the 5th Job Advancement prerequisite quest! 


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How "Tera Burning Project" Works?


Make a brand-new character through the event period. From the character choose screen, pick out the new character in your account to have the "Burning" effect. Then, accept the quest "It's the Tera Burning Project present giveaway!" in the star event notifier around the left side of the game window so as to start off receiving rewards! Only a single character in your account can have the "Burning" effect.


Immediately after completing the quest "It's the Burning Project present giveaway!" you'll get all of your gifts instantly; on the other hand, you may not be able to use all of them till you meet the needed level for every reward.


When will this event end?


This event started on November 14 and will end on January 22. Please avoid altering your pc time when participating in this event. Any alterations for your laptop or computer time clock can cause concerns when building or deleting Burning characters for this occasion.


How to leveling Tera?



What rewards will you receive for completing this event?


For more detailed rewards list, check out the official website. And keep in mind that each and every time your character levels up, they're going to receive two additional levels! Perform your way as much as Lv. 200, so you may wear these sweet equips!

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