Gripping yet simple online role playing game

MapleStory is an incredibly popular game that sets you and your quests in a fantasy land, defeating monsters and collaborating with other players in real time. Buy cheap maplestory gold!

Online role playing games are springing up everywhere these days, but novice gamers are often put off playing them due to the overwhelming number of options and complicated controls. However, the difference with MapleStory is that it is unbelievably simple to pick up and play.

The MapleStory missions are very easy to understand and the 2D side-scrolling gameplay makes a fresh change from the usual role players. Best of all, the controls are very straightforward and you'll need nothing more than the cursor keys and two more keys. These control keys can be customized very easily just by dragging and dropping icons onto the appropriate key on screen.

The cutesy Japanese cartoon-style graphics may not be to everyone's liking but we reckon they're gorgeous and help to make MapleStory a fantastic choice.

MapleStory is a rich, detailed game that is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Read more please check out

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