Here Are 5 Ways to Increase Your Damage in MapleStory M

In MapleStory M, damage possibly essentially the most critical metric for many players, what are your damage or rather damage per second in the game? How do you improve your damage in this game? Right here are a number of ways it is possible to boost your damage in MapleStory M.


There are many variables that influence damage, however, the largest two are most likely the class you select, and how wealthy you happen to be. The additional cash you pour into this game, the much more MapleStory M Mesos you have, the greater your equipment should be. That doesn't mean F2P players cannot have excellent equips. It just requires a considerably longer time to get there.



NO.1 Pick a higher DPS class


Assuming you're sticking together with your existing class, then ignore this portion. If you are a newbie who wishes to possess high DPS, read on. With all the launch of Cygnus Knights, a lot of are questioning that is the strongest class to play in MapleStory M.


At the moment, I consider Night Lord and Bow Master are still the top rated two DPS classes. That is for the reason that the Evening Walker and Wind Archer seem to be a lot weaker than the Korean version of the game. An individual even did a screenshot to examine the talent damage and there's a massive difference.


That stated, there's a possibility that Nexon will buff these characters in the future. If you want to become secure, go together with the Evening Lord. They are decent for mobbing and great for bosses.


NO.2 Always go for any weapon prior to armor



The item that offers you the most damage within this game is certainly your weapon. The truth is, you should get a seriously excellent weapon just before you invest in excellent armor.


The physical defense and magic defense that armors give is not as helpful as you could possibly consider. They do not definitely block out much damage at all.


In case you have a truly great weapon, you are going to kill the monsters just before they even deal damage to you. Additionally, a terrific weapon offers you great damage through expeditions (Zakum or Horntail).


As for weapons, several go for PBA (fantastic base attack) and they slowly rank up from there. If you aim to get a PBA, you'll want to start off early on, like from the epic rank.


That mentioned, the route I went to obtain a mythic was by fusing two legendaries because the legendary rank up stone wasn't readily available then. The only downside to fusing is the fact that the results are random with regards to stats plus the variety of weapon you'll get, i.e. you'll get either Jaihin, Briser, Halphas or Utgard.


NO.3 Get equipment and potentials that adds damage


Damage in MapleStory M


There is certainly specific gear (apart from the weapon) that actually adds stats like physical/magic attack, critical attack, and even boss attack.


A single example may be the Horntail necklace. By default, it adds vital attack and essential damage (%). In addition, when you get the set bonus, it adds like 50 physical/magic attack.


It is the ideal within a slot for necklaces by far. Yet another instance will be the Immortal Pharaoh Belt (special rank) and the Immortal Pharaoh Ring (special rank).


With each other, they give an enormous set bonus of 200 magic / physical attack that would increase your damage for positive. Those are gear that adds damage to your total. An additional metric to look at is potentials.


Each and every equipment of rank epic and above may have potentials. They give more stats towards the gear, and some are useful for DPS. An instance would be this Muspell Thief Gloves. It has additional crit damage (%) and physical damage increase.


Try to get far more of these potentials in your equipment and you will add damage more than time. You are able to transform potentials working with Occult Cubes, Red Cubes or Black Cubes.


NO.4 Get the ideal jewel set



The most effective jewel set to add damage for most players could be the physical or magic attack jewel. As you can see inside the screenshot, each rank A jewel for physical attack provides 30 attack, which makes a total of 150 to get a set.


In addition, you get a set bonus in case you use all of the jewels with the exact same colour and rank. I get a one hundred physical/magic attack set bonus from rank A jewels.


For those who have a rank S jewel set, you'll want to get a 200 physical/magic attack set bonus. You'll be able to truly mix different jewels, however, it must be exactly the same colour and also the exact same rank.


For e.g. you are able to mix boss attack jewels (red in colour) with physical attack jewels, and also you get the set bonus if all will be the identical rank (e.g. rank A).


The physical damage (%) jewels are only helpful for those who probably possess a maxed level mythic. Someone did a calculation to find out which brought one of the most damage, and unless you have got more than eight,500 phy / magic attack (about) out of your equipment, it's improved to make use of the phy / magic attack jewels.


NO.5 Emblem can be a bonus


The only form of weapon stronger than a PBA is definitely an emblem. You might recognize emblems by the unique background the gear has. In case your weapon is an emblem, you might have like 300 physical or magic attack greater than a PBA, which is why it is so valuable and uncommon. To add to that, you even get an added emblem possible like 5% crit damage, as an instance.


Should you do have an emblem weapon, great for you. There are plenty of strategies to enhance damage in MapleStory M. Sadly, not all classes are built exactly the same, so you will not have equal damage even using the exact same equips.


Should you be only fond of high damage, then get a class like Night Lord as they are pretty superior for DPS right now.

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