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Old mapler coming back to the game and started out on reboot. I missed the burning event and having a hard time gearing because ive heard i dont want to waste meso on gear that im getting around 120 where im at, and i know there are bosses and stuff i can use in late game, but how do i get there to get the drops if i dont have good gear and arent supposed to put alot of meso into early?



First: Get your character to level 140. At 120 you want to be training at Dual Ghost Pirates. You can train here until level 130 or even 135. At 130+ it should be easy to move to Korean Folk Town and train at Moon Bunnies. I highly recommend doing the quests that you receive from the wanted signs around the area. They are great exp and meso for star force enhancing. You can stay at KFT until level 140. Second. While you are at KFT, there is a map with the mob Yellow Goblin, (or something like that). These monsters drop the level 140 set which is called Pensalir. This set is what you will use until you can get your CRA set.


Thirdly: At this point you will want to join a guild and ask for RA and CRA carries on Wednesdays before the weekly server reset. Normal Root Abyss resets daily, and you need to clear each boss 10 times before you can enter the Chaos version. You will likely only need to do CRA 1 time ber boss, and 2 times for Chaos Vellum to get the Fafnir weapon.


Fourthly: You should be doing the Yu Garden daily quests, and the Legion daily quests each day. For Legion, you need to kill 10 gold wyverns and 100 regular wyverns by entering the legion system (check your hotkeys to keybind the menu). This will give you a good amount of legion coins daily. For 140 coins you can buy an Epic Potential Scroll from the shop merchant in town. You should use that on your Pensalir set, then use regular cubes to get at least 6+% mainstat on all of your equipment. You can get 26-28*? Yu garden coins each day after you do the prequests. For 30 coins you can buy an Epic potential scroll from the black market merchants who appear at certain times of the day.


Also make sure to do the Gollux prequest when you are able, and repeat the boss 3 times each day in order to start getting your rings that you will need for end game. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more cheap Ms mesos for trade with instant delivery.

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