Introduction of Stardust System

A new patch has been released, celebrating 14 years of MapleStory! The 14th Anniversary is space-themed and features a variety of planets you can travel to with special minigames and benefits.

Here let me show you the Stardust system.

Maple Galaxy Academy: Earn 3 skills in the beginner tab to be able to earn Stardust to use in the coin shop! These 3 skills include:

1. Passive that gives 10 attack and a 20% chance to receive 5 stardust every time you kill an actual mob

2. Active summon that you can control like bat swarm that 1 shots monsters within a level range of -20 ~ +20. Lasts for 10 seconds OR 10 mobs killed. Earn 10 Stardust for every mob killed. 180 second cooldown

3. Full map attack like the mesodizer x skill from the mesoranger skills event. Lasts for 8 seconds and earn 15 Stardust for every mob killed. 360 second cooldown

Stardust cannot be acquired from certain content monsters, including boss monsters.
-Minigames: There are 3 different minigames that give Stardust what i will cover in their own video. These minigames include:

1. Extreme Rails - Video on 5/1

2. Battle Reverse - Video on 5/2

3. Mission to Space - Video on 5/4

-AFK at main map: There is a new map for the 14th anniversary update where you can AFK in to obtain Stardust! For ever ~15 seconds that goes by, you earn 3 Stardust.

100 Stardust = 1 Full Star Point (as i like to call it). These Full star points are what you use in the shop.

You can obtain a total of 200 Full Star Points a day.

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