Is There Any Way To Turn off the Profanity Filter in Maplestory

The profanity filter is probably the oddest thing Maplestory still has. It's archaic and just silly, including non-english swears. It breaks up any conversation when you have to ask "what was that word?" Because the filter added a bunch of asterisks in the middle. How has after all these years we still have this godawful thing still always-on on the game? I understand that people say swears, but why not just simply have it auto-on, with the option to turn off? How hard is it to make that an option? Considering you can allow/deny invites, it can't be more difficult than that. Why have we never had this?



- The filter is so weird that its ineffective. Why do random parts of my conversations with friends get censored, but some random dude crashing my channel can tell me "kys" and "human trash"?


- I learn profanity from the filter, lots of things I didn't know until it gets filtered and I look it up. Very counterproductive if it was meant to maintain the innocence of the kids. Face it, when you access the internet you ain't innocent no more.


- The thing is, you can just put something in the middle of the swearword and it won't be censored, for example I once saw someone saying "kill all ga,ys" or something like that and it didn't get censored. Yet putting a space in between to form an actual sentence gets censored.


My point here is that if someone really wanted to get a message across, he can do it no problem, so the chat filter is basically useless.


Every time I see a censored conversation I find out what the censored word is and look it up. I then proceed to break up the censor using ] and retype it to define it to those who also saw the censor. It's fun. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Maplestory News and cheap Maplestory mesos with instant delivery.

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