MapleStory’s New Reboot World Returns To A Time Before Pay-To-Win Elements

Nexon has revealed that MapleStory will be getting a new “Reboot” world that returns the MMORPG to its roots.


This means that monsters will be tougher and will give you more experience when defeated. Many of the items that allow a significant boost in the game will be removed from the cash shop, and won’t be tradable with other players, in order to focus on progress through simply playing the Maple Story mesos!

As part of this effort, all of the Jobs are being tweaked and rebalanced “to maximize their efficiency in relation to each other, thereby normalizing the playing field.”

Nexon also revealed a new Battle Analysis System that should make it easy to measure the damage done, mesos gained, and experience earned within a certain timeframe so you can improve your efficiency. There will also be a Hyper Stat System that lets you earn Hyper Stat Points once you hit level 140.


“You can receive 1 more Hyper Stat point per level every 10 levels,” Nexon explained. “These points can be used to increase Hyper Stats, giving you an additional edge in combat! Like Ability or Skill Points, you’ll receive more Hyper Stat Points as you level up.”


Another addition is the Transfer Hammer. It lets you transfer enhancements and stats from your weapons to higher level ones you may find so you don’t have to lose that previous work you did. However, it doesn’t work for every weapon and certain info, such as Spell Trace upgrades, won’t transfer.

Finally, Nexon confirmed that Zero would be coming back to character creation for December only. Plus, you can expect a Sizzling Santa event that’ll let you pick a “burning character,” compete at being the best Santa, and return to Happyville. Oh, and if you login in every day during the event you can get a free Christmas costume.


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