MapleStory 2 Pets Basic Guide

In MapleStory 2, combat pets have their own attack energy, which can be elevated as they level up. The high quality the pet, the greater their base attack energy, along with the stronger they can become. This is why Epic pets are so desired, considering that they will give you quite an increase in battle. Once you reach Lv. 50, you are going to achieve the awesome capability to catch pets inside the wild. They can even provide you with an edge in battle. Here are some pets basic guide you should know.


1. How to Catch Pets


MapleStory 2 Pets Basic Guide


When exploring the Maple World, you may from time to time encounter Hungry monsters inside the wild. They are monsters are tamable! Hungry Monsters are identified by blue icons on the mini-map, and their names labeled in green. Catching a monster needs only the two pieces of equipment listed above. Note which you will need to have roughly ten candies and one trap per monsters. The approach is this:


Throw candies at monster till it is actually "Docile" and ready to become caught. The system will notify you of this as well as there will probably be a heart above the monster.

Lay down your trap and stand there waiting for the monster to stroll into it. A region should be clear of monsters to lay the trap. Your Hungry Monster must be at full candy when it walks more than the trap. Otherwise, the trap is going to be broken, so be prepared to toss a single extra candy around the fly. Once the monster enters the trap, it will be caught.

In the event the region does not have any Hungry Monsters, you can entice them to spawn by clearing the mobs around the map. You may have to do this many occasions. However, it shouldn't also take long just before you start seeing blue dots appear on the map! The map has to be a Hungry Monster map inside the very first spot for these pet-able monsters to spawn.


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2. Other Ways of Obtaining Pets



Farm Hard Dungeons - bosses like Pyrros Fard, have the possibility to reward you with an adorable pet version of themselves upon finishing the dungeon. However, these pets cannot be "Epic," but it is an easy technique to get an Exceptional Pet to aid you although you farm for that Epic.

Comprehensive Toughen Up Each day Missions - this column for the dailies produces arguably the very best rewards for the time, so it is worth performing every single day regardless. From this, there's a likelihood to get a random pet capsule which can produce an Epic Pet! It's rare of course but worth going for every single day.

Events - You can typically get event versions of pets by participating within the events. Even so, these pets aren't meant for combat, but rather look cute and offer some further inventory slots.


3. Leveling up Pets


Pets obtain expertise with you as you eradicate mobs. Even so, this can be only a smaller get (+6 per monster killed). The fastest way to level up your pets is usually to feed them other pets by way of Fusion.


You may fuse as much as 24 pets each day into a further. The higher the rarity of your pet, the other practical experience it'll need to get a level. As you may imagine, it is going to take a while to level up an Epic pet. You'll be able to circumvent this by "stockpiling" experience into lower rarity pets and then feeding these pets into the pet that you want to chain.


An effective, but not definitive, a solution to do that is to fuse 24 Regular Pets into a Rare Pet (or fuse just enough for the Uncommon Pet to practically but not really, get a level). Then feed those Uncommon Pets into your Epic. Alternatively, in case you can't get Uncommon Pets, you'll be able to fuse Standard into Standard. It is an excellent thought to begin stockpiling just before you get your Epic, that way you could level them up swiftly as soon as you ultimately get them.

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