MapleStory 2: The Best Way to Optimize Your Game Time

I believe that most fans of MapleStory 2 may only really play about 1 MAYBE 2 hours a day for work or study reasons, you may have been hopping on to gather/craft everything you could in a limited time. How should you be allocating your small amount of game time to be most effective? Which dailies/dungeons/etc. are important?


This the base-line about two as well as a half hours of active play-time daily and also you are set without the need of feeling left behind or burned out. This can be centered toward gearing on just a most important character, whenever you attain your day-to-day and weekly caps and never feel like functioning towards gearing, just to discover and socialize.


Swift recap on ought to do everyday activities:


MapleStory 2 Optimize Game Time Guide


Life-skills - use extra efficiency consumables (though standing within the middle of four tiles), gathering island quests seems at level five (set portals into your property to them for fast access).


Daily missions (hoarding and get wealthy, fill with quick ones to obtain all the additional reward chests), Guild Daily Quests (be certain to check-in and donate).


Dungeon runs (straightforward runs include things like FD and Rune Temple), Premium Dungeon, which will provide you with 200k and MapleStory 2 Mesos).


Do the Guild weekly quests (obtainable after 1 week), pursue Dungeon runs weekly cap (don't let the final reward chest go to waste).


Get 1 mill prestige (pursue prestige bonuses) practical experience every single day, ensure to fish and execute (expertise and trophies, AFKable).


More tip #1: Get the Exploration AP rewards (150 stars) plus the Trophy rewards (filter all trophies for AP and SP).


Added tip #2: Place the piercing souvenir furnishing item inside your dwelling and use it (1 hour buff of the selection), get a low-priced assistant of your selection and ensure to level it (supply merchant has the things it requires to craft).


More tip #3: Stat smart pursue 30% piercing and 95% accuracy, take into account the drop price of things simply because of +10 enchants (use Ophelia for enchanting).


Extra tip #4: Commit event currencies on activities (go for AFK vouchers) and adhere to in-game news for bonuses (middle left or best left for sliding text).


More tip #5: Whenever you have more spare time, Twisted Pocket Realm farm (Shadow Planet elite mobs have an opportunity of dropping a gate), catch pets (farm regular 45+ mobs for potion solvent). Shadow Globe and pet related dailies are fantastic for gemstones later on.


Content to watch out for: PvE: Awakening (quest line unlocking new abilities), Chaos Raids (this is the reason piercing and accuracy is essential); PvP: gear progression (various stats) and arenas (will probably be critical for trophies).

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