MapleStory 2 - The Way to Get Red Merets and What They Do

Players have in all probability encounter items that require a distinct sort of currency in MapleStory 2. Instead of using your regular money, they need blue or red products known as Merets. Aside from your coins, Merets are another strategy to spend for the other goodies inside the game.


These items quite considerably act as the premium currency in MapleStory 2, with there becoming each Blue and Red Merets. You are able to use them to purchase cosmetic things from the Meret Market or change hairstyles, among other factors. Here's what Red Merets are and what they do in MapleStory 2. Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos on our website will make your process smoother.


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NO.1 How to Get Red Merets in MapleStory 2


Unlike with Blue Merets, you cannot essentially invest in Red Merets in MapleStory two. Considering the fact that they are the unpaid version of Merets, there are actually only a number of strategies to obtain them.


Firstly, you will get them by way of login rewards or events. Occasionally Nexon will run promotions from time to time, providing players a number of the currency at no cost. Just lately, they really gave away around 600 Red Merets after reaching a launch milestone on Steam.


Regrettably, there does not seem to be a further method to get them aside from Nexon truly providing them away. In the event the developers do sooner or later add yet another strategy to get Red Merets within the game, we'll you'll want to update this guide.


For now, the ideal way to keep on major of Red Meret giveaways is by playing the game each day and checking your mail. Similarly, you are able to also stick to the official MapleStory two social media accounts for any upcoming announcements with regards to Meret giveaways.


NO.2 What to Buy with Red Merets in MapleStory 2


Say you do handle to save up your currency and wish to do a bit of buying. With lots of selections to choose from, players really feel a little overwhelmed with what to buy with their cash.


The best issue you'll be able to do with Red Merets is spending them on any cosmetic products you like in the Meret Marketplace. Merely press J to pull up your shopping catalog and scan by way of all of the various designs to select from.


For those who verify the Red Meret shop tab, you'll be able to also get distinctive mounts, from cars to light bulbs. Attempt obtaining a single ground and aerial mount to begin your collection.

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