MapleStory Cannoneer Tips for Beating HMag, CQueen, and CVell

In MapleStory, if you are able to solo the chicken and the clown, but you may find that you keep lagging for like a second when your pet auto heals you during queen. As for magnus, you may understand that cannoneer have a hard time killing him. So here are some tips for beating HMag, CQueen, and CVell as a cannoneer. 


MapleStory Cannoneer


First, Nuclear Choice does technically have 2 i-frames, but the 1 on key-press is drastically tougher to time than the a single exactly where you let go and cast the potential. You get the I-frame when you finally switch out with the "put cannon in your shoulder" animation and your character flashes invisible for like a quarter of a second - this can be the tough one particular. Then there is the 1 straight away upon firing the nuke, which can be considerably a lot easier to time, if similarly short in duration. Retain this in mind, as this tip is generally applicable to any boss, seeing as it is an I-frame, and I don't wanna threat repeating myself. Do not skimp on your wallet, keeping an eye on buy Maplestory Mesos can save you a lot of time.


For CQueen, when you do wanna switch to manual pots to prevent the lag, that's perfectly fine, but be warned that it is fairly tough to micromanage when the fight goes on long adequate to recast buffs. Also, it really is quite quite quick to 'walk' CQueen by means of your Bullet Bill for its complete duration, so benefit from it as much as possible - cast it really close to her, then move far sufficient away from her that she follows you through the rocket damage. It helps for those who cast the rocket when she's either changing form or casting an attack, since then she will not squat about in an attack/transform animation and waste precious damage ticks.


CVel is just mechanics. You certainly need to obtain a feel for how far your flash jump, cannon jump, and any mixture on the two travel. Remember to switch to Bazooka if there is a tail in front from the boss, simply because Barrage is just gonna hit the tail as an alternative and do no harm. Usually save your rockets for his fireballs, lightning floor, and deep breath. Do not pre-empt this, wait for him to cast it ahead of committing to a rocket. By no means overlook to cast Monkey Fury in the event the DoT's down (which can be super useful in tracking CVel underground), and Monkey Wave at frequent intervals.



HMag is a travesty and I hate it with all of my heart and soul. Acquire a bunch of freezers and hope for the most effective. Cannon Jump is nearly entirely off limits unless you wanna threat hopping over meteors and you are a really excellent judge of distance / have no other choice to stay alive. Triple jumping with Cannon Jump to cover distance following respawning can be a classic Icarus tale: stray also close towards the sun ceiling and Magnus will splatter you across the windows having a stupid meteor travelling at mach infinity.


Beginning a rocket outdoors of the blue zone is really not a poor notion, even when you must devote 1-2 seconds of it getting damage lowered although you worm your way back in to the blue zone. Nuclear Option's i-frame is often a lifesaver right here for those who have an Erda Bind down and never wanna shed DPS to a stray meteor. Time it right and you'll have the ability to milk as substantially DPS as you can. ALSO: Wait out each and every one particular of the deaths to ensure that you've got a rocket charge in reserve, assuming you blew all three at some point inside the fight ahead of dying.


I'll be honest with you, the sparse couple of cannoneers I know that can really solo HMag (me incorporated) either possess a rough time with it normally, or have adequate variety to blow its head off in 1-2 binds. It's certainly attainable to tango with HMag on his personal terms, but prepare for continuous frustration.

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