MapleStory Eluna Event Begins From August 29th

MapleStory players are being invited to participate in the tournament to view Eluna activities. Today, after Agust 29 days. During the event, the player is trying to collect as many Elunite crystals as possible and combine with five unique crystal types.



Each worth a different number of XP. Players will work through 20 tasks, after the completion will produce a series of interesting things Eluna master box.


• Seize Eluna Express and automatically enter the exploration team consisting of 10-40 prospectors. Eluna Express not only takes players to Eluna Earth, but also upgrades them around Maple World;


• Hunting powerful monsters such as Elunite elements, alternating between them to form a ferocious devil or the surrounding area, as well as a group of deadly Biteysneks, consume anything in their path, and even a player of Elunite Crystal;


• Get a unique Prospector Boxes based on the player's Prospector Rank. The player's rating is determined by the success of the expedition. The higher ranking of Prospector Boxes contains more valuable rewards.


In addition, Nexon has announced that a new private test server will be open to provide players with the opportunity to test and preview upcoming content. Open in August is limited. Interested players can register here.


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