MapleStory M FAQ for Fusing

Fusing is perhaps one of the important forging concepts you should master in MapleStory M. Fusing permits you to create a new equipment utilizing two max level equipment on the very same sort and rank. 


MapleStory M FAQ for Fusing


We'll share you this Fusing FAQ hopes of you know what fusing is in MapleStory M. Once you've fused, you'll be able to sell your exclusive equipment inside the Trade Station for excellent amounts of MapleStory M Mesos.


1. How you can fuse equipment in MapleStory M


Maplestory M Fusing Guide


Not certain exactly where to seek out it? Visit "Forge" and look for "Fuse". You might notice one particular slot for base and an additional for material. Anytime you fuse, the class of weapon or armor you get depends upon the base material.


For e.g. when you fuse a Jaihin claw, you might get a different claw. It could be any on the four claws like Briser or Halphas. You won't get another variety of weapon.


Furthermore, the stats are random. It does not stick to your previous stats. So do not use your fantastic base attack (PBA) weapon for fusing.



As for material, you'll be able to use any gear of your identical category. If your base can be a weapon, your material should be a weapon.


Similarly, if it is an armor, the material must be an armor. Each items need to be of maximum level, identical rank (e.g. epic) and similar category (armor/weapon). It is possible to fuse a claw with a spear, if that clarifies it for you.


2. Does fusing cost money?


Absolutely. For example, fusing two epics will expense about 1.6 million mesos. That's just the fusion expense. It does not include the cost of leveling each and every equipment to the max as well as the powder you may need to level up.


Fusing two uniques will be around 40 million mesos if I'm not mistaken.


3. Can I get emblem by fusing?


Yes, it's the top method to get emblem specifically for free-to-play players. However, when you fuse two emblems with each other, you might not wind up with a ranked up emblem equipment. It is completely random, so do not do it.


You'll probably lose the emblem status. Most effective way will be to just fuse two normal gear with regular stats. Who knows what you can get? Note having said that that the minimum rank for having emblem is by fusing epic gear and above.


4. What occurs towards the enhancements/stars immediately after fusing?


It will depend on which equipment you put as base material. For e.g. for those who have 10 stars on a claw, and you put it as the base material, it becomes 9 stars after fusing. In brief, you lose one enhancement/star.


However, should you use the 10-stars claw as the material and another weapon with no stars because the base, you might end up with no stars. It will depend on your base item! Place the ideal equipment inside the ideal slots.


5. What's the principle purpose players fuse gear?


Most players aim to obtain an emblem gear by way of fusing, which can be quite challenging. Personally, I've fused over six instances and never got an emblem. The probability must be very low.


Nonetheless, it's an option to ranking up your gear. Fusing two epics will give you an exceptional item, regardless of regardless of whether it is an emblem or not.


Maplestory M Fuse Equipment


You probably just need to have to spend a great deal of time leveling your alt characters to level 82 and collecting refining powder to level your items to max level.

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