Maplestory M - Get and Spend Resources Correctly to Progress

To progress well in Maplestory M, one of the effective ways is to know what to do with the resources in the game. You will discover plenty of resources in maple story, but some come in very restricted amount. This guide may save you a lot of time when you don't know how to do with the resources.


Maplestory M




This is by far one of the most frequent resources inside the game, and you should not have any dilemma obtaining this later on in your gameplay (lvl 90+). You get these in huge amounts just about everywhere. Even so, all the things in maple expense anything and generally, it's pretty darn costly, so never go spending your mesos around like candy. 


I suggest utilizing mesos to buy epic armor from the trade marketplace and complete a set. Sell any loot that you get and that you simply never have to have from elite dungeons to have enough income to perform this.


At higher levels, one of the most highly-priced issue you may buy with MapleStory M Mesos are enhancements to your weapon/armor. Also, only improve your weapon/armor if it's epic high quality; anything beneath will not be utilized simply because it is definitely high-priced in stones and powder to upgrade to epic or larger. So you gotta save up early. Enhance your weapon to about level ten along with the rest to level 4, then focus on enhancing your weapon to around level 12 plus the rest is up to you.


Gold Leafs


Gold leafs is one of the resources that are really hard to come by. The worst component is, the points you may get with leafs are definitely critical to level up and upgrade your weapon, however, they are also way too expensive, rendering leafs useless. You only get these from missions, achievements, and Nett's pyramid, so yeah they may be difficult to get.


I locate leafs beneficial for Occult Cubes, which are what you will need to modify the possible type (from Rare-Epic) of the equipment. Apart from that you can get weapon/armor powder and rank up stones, but I doubt you might ever have sufficient leafs to purchase lots of those. So just invest in epic weapon powder to level up your weapon anytime you've got enough leafs.



Armor/Weapon Powder


You will need this to level up your weapon/armor and sooner or later upgrade it really is rank. The dilemma is you only get these from quests (right after a certain point they stop), rewards, gold leafs, and elite dungeons. You can not transfer these from character to character.


You need more than 500 of these to max level a special weapon, just after which you could upgrade to legendary. Worst aspect? Weapon powder can only be applied for weapons and armor powder can only be used for armor, generating this resource a lot more scarce. Assuming you start off leveling up an epic level weapon, it'll take A lot of elite dungeon grinding (which are limited to four every day) to ultimately be capable of getting a hold of a legendary weapon.


Armor/Weapon Rank up Stones


Same thought as the armor/weapon powder, except it is possible to transfer these between characters along with your storage. So in the event, you have alts they're not a discomfort in the ass to come by given that you get plenty of these within the very first quest missions.




You get equipment from treasure boxes (1 cost-free day-to-day or 50 000 meso for 1), or from elite dungeons. You can also acquire equipment by means of the trade station. There an also a couple of really unique gear it is possible to invest in with Mu Long or earn from Nett's pyramid.


I recommend having most of your gear from the trade station because 1. it price meso and 2. to ensure that you don't must go although the hardship of leveling and ranking them up. Attempt to purchase epic equipment since that is the highest rank you are able to acquire in the marketplace. Many people can even sell their exceptional weapon/armor working with a special item that expense gems so if ever you see a distinctive item and you can afford it, get it!


An epic armor/weapon should really cost about 1 mil meso give or take but that can change as a result of how new the game is. Generally level up, enhance, upgrade, your weapon initial.



Did not obtain any but you can not acquire any cosmetics by way of F2P so if ever you get free of charge gems to ensure that to pimp out your character! 

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