MapleStory M's Update Brings New Magician Dragon Master and Mini-Games

MapleStory M New Magician Dragon Master


MapleStory M's recent update has brought its new magician Dragon Master class, Evan, along with the new mini-games and seasonal events.


The skills of Dragon Master incorporate summoning Mir to battle, firing Mir's vicious dragon breath upon enemies, and freely flying about riding Mir's back. In addition to the new class, MapleStory M is introducing the Mini-Game Station with four new mini-games. Players will probably be capable of acquiring coins by way of the Mini-Game Station rewards and buy items inside the Mini-Game Shop.


However, this isn't all, there will be some events to assist you in getting Evan and Mir become battle-ready for some of the latest content material in Maplestory M. Listed below are the events listed below so take complete benefit of it if you can;



Evan Burning Event  – Through January 17, Evan characters between levels 3 – 75 will be given two bonus levels each time they level up 1 level

Evan update celebration – Through January 2, all players will receive special rewards including Buff Pets to help to play the game

Evan Growth Support Event – Through January 24, Special Growth Support Boxes, which include three stages of "Dragon Mount," Evan exclusive chair and medal are given as players level up the new Evan class

Christmas Tree Decoration Event – Between December 24 to January 5, players can decorate Christmas trees with ornaments to earn Tree EXP for rewards

New Year's Attendance Event – Between January 1 to January 24, players who log-in for 14 days anytime during the event period will receive Unique Accessory Draw Ticket, Equipment Support Box, pets and various rewards

Golden Pig Dice Event – Between January 10 to January 24, players can celebrate Golden Pig Year by obtaining special rewards from the board by rolling dice


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