MapleStory Online Will Extend To PHL

MapleStory is a 2D rollover multiplayer online role-playing game that has received a large number of followers in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia and is now known as the localized version of MapleSEA.


Asiasoft Online says MapleStory is the answer to the Philippine player's request for Philippine MapleSEA usability.




"Since the introduction of MapleSEA, we have been very pleased and excited to expand to the Philippines, and we are very honored to be able to bring MapleSEA's experience to national fans, including more content, exciting features and fun activities throughout the region All the players. "Asiasoft Online Chairman Chen Wanxian said.


He added that Asiasoft expects to bring more titles to the Filipino gaming community and continue to attract players through entertainment and entertainment. "


Asiasoft said that as the server was properly named Artemis, "Beast Girl", the Philippines Maplers can now start their Maple journey and experience MapleSEA's world.


MapleSEA of the Philippines will showcase its latest content, JUMP, which is Warrior, Bowman and Magician three professional categories, the user interface and party tasks will be modified.


In addition, Asiasoft said it will launch new maps and monsters to enhance the gaming experience in MapleStory. So there will be more fun in MapleStory, if you want to enjoy the new update, you need save enough MapleStory Mesos, so you can buy cheap MapleStory Mesos on ms4mesos, there are a lot cheap and safe MapleStory Mesos for sale!

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