MapleStory Players Donated $10 000 To Charity

In the last week of May and the first week of June, Nexon America organized a special event through 2D MMORPG "Maple Story" to provide players with some specially designed tasks to contribute to charity: water recently Rwanda's efforts. The final count is that Nexon America has now earned $ 10,000 for the charity on behalf of its players.


In two weeks time, Maple Story players around the gathering and transport the water, designed a pair of special tasks. As the player participates in the task, a water meter will slowly fill up and let the player know how funny the game is for the Nexon's philanthropy: Players do not have to really contribute to their own funds. The premise is simply: to play these tasks for each finished run, Nexon will increase its charity: Drainage.

Manufacturer Yoonjin Kim said: "More than 200,000 MapleStory players have completed the task of the game to support charity activities: water in Rwanda's efforts." Our players show that they care about the world, which makes us feel very proud. "


Charity: Water organizations are committed to providing clean, safe drinking water for people in developing countries. Over the past six years, the group has received 6,000 water projects, benefiting 2.5 million people, access to clean water, hygiene education and improved sanitation. This year's efforts are focused on the Rwandan people, and as long as they play a stupid video game, MapleStory's community offers a lot of change to achieve these efforts.


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