MapleStory Returning Players Guide on How to Start

Well, first of all, welcome back to MapleStory, you may be looking for advice and tips to help you start. We've got 5th Job, Arcane River, Legion, and much more bosses. Maple will probably be a totally different practical experience. I hope the following guide will help you better, in case you need more mesos in the game, We can guarantee enough stock and fast delivery for MapleStory Mesos for sale and you will never get scammed.


MapleStory Returning Players Guide


NO.1 Keep in mind the three main options



3 primary choices are Reboot, Bera, and any other server. Reboot is non-pay to win, but you may as an alternative commit a great deal of time within the game. There is absolutely no trading, and you can not trade gear in between characters in storage, so you have to level characters on your own. You are able to still trade potions, so Monster Park potions and the like are fair game.


Bera is your next option and may be the most populated typical server. Unfortunately, considering the fact that it is by far the most populated it has essentially the most bots. Bera is pretty much a meme just for possessing a great number of bots, you will find many reports of upwards of 40 bots inside a single location. However, you can find loads of people today and so it is not hard to seek out a guild or buddies. Regrettably, as opposed to Reboot, Bera is pay to win, due to items such as Frenzy Totem, Bonus Potential Cubes, along with other things like these existing. Even though you can get by free of charge to play, you'll struggle in comparison to whales.


The final option is each and every other server. No one ordinarily mentions these given that these servers are reasonably unpopulated, but there are actually enough for a few guilds. From what I've heard the community is very tight so if that's your point go ahead.


NO.2 Are there any permanent items that will be excellent to possess?


Well, I'll split them into two categories: standard items and RNG.


Regular things are items like 2x coupons, cubes, the like. They are points that are often accessible and you can spend to get an edge in the game.


Then there is RNG, which mainly comes from events, like Philosopher Books and Marvel Machine. These give genuinely overpowered items, for example, Lucid Earrings (20-second bind), Frenzy Totem (Boosts spawn price by double the quantity of Kishin), and also a bunch of other points I never know about.


Having said that, there's an upside to this. There's the Meso Marketplace, exactly where it is possible to convert meso into Maple Points, which can then be spent on the money shop on such products. I do not know the prices, even though presumably, they are fairly low. So technically everyone can get endgame, though if you're F2P to spending about 5-10 bucks a month on this game you will not have such a simple knowledge compared to the other individuals who're just blasting cash on the game.

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