MapleStory Will Release Latest Hot Weekend

On the weekend, MapleStory tried to get everyone involved in their titles. Because they are the best time to play because most people are resting on weekends. For them, they bring it to a whole new level with "hot weekend", they offer very special events, usually giving all participants a very special reward.



So why is the new hot weekend? Well, for tea, this is the way they thank you for insisting on the way during the MapleStory V update. So you go! You are such a reason! To be loyal to yourself, carry yourself. Now to participate, all you have to do is log in to the game every day or tomorrow and accept guidance from the event notice. Which is located on the left side of the screen.


So what will you get on this hot weekend? Then when you play, regain the honor of the qualification of the EXP will be reduced by 50% and you will have the chance to get a 5x chance from Soul Shard where you will get 3 times the number of coins when you open the V box.


Sounds fun? So you'd better jump into MapleStory to get these rewards! The hot weekend will not last forever. If you want to buy cheap MapleStory Mesos, welcome come to MS4MESOS!

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