MapleStory Will Release Update With Advanced Skills

MapleStory has received the biggest update today (2 pm Pacific / 5 pm Eastern) V Update, bringing the fifth job to 200 players. Players will have new skills that can enhance or increase their strength.



In addition to the fifth job progress, players can expect:

Easier leveling - players can quickly take advantage of all their potential to experience all the unprecedented V offers and make easy adjustments. The number of experiences required to reach level 200 has fallen by 30%, making it easier for Maple World's ultimate hero.

Improved Host - V Update also brings a number of player-requested enhancements to the game, including UI improvements, all new task lines and events in the game, to 128 total inventory and more.


So MapleStory players will play game easier after the updates launched, because they will get more skills to do the task, and if they need to buy some items with Mesos, they could go, there are a lot cheap MapleStory Mesos for sale.

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