Monster Carnival

Among the many in-game events, users will be introduced to Showa, a major enhancement to the colossal Maple Maple Story mesos.  This new Yakuza-themed region features over 70 quests, areas and a challenging Boss fight.
Nexon has posted the release notes for version 0.56 of Maple Story.  The new version includes a new land to explore, skill revisions, new gameplay features, new quests, and more.
Additionally, Nexon will unveil the cake-themed monster, Big Puff Daddy, who pounds his way through several towns. GM events are planned throughout the month-long celebration, which features a Nexon Cash Shop sale just in time for summer. These anniversary events only add to the fun Maplers are already having in the Monster Carnival, fighting the Horntail or working the Maple Trading System, all added earlier this year.

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