More And More Young Gamers Play MapleStory This Summer

According to a new survey by Nexon, MapleStory gamers in the 18-29 age group flocked to online games. The survey also shows that women of this age account for 40% of the online community. If you want to know more details, please continue reading.



With the release of the time, 8 years later, the random play MapleStory with its rich and colorful 2-D role-playing experience and wild adventure, continue to attract millions of players around the world. Nexon's people recently announced a new casual mini-game called "Monster Life" at MapleStory, allowing players to relax and socialize while expanding the "farm".

So if you are not a MapleStory Gamer yet, it is time to download the game and try to get fun in MapleStory. If you want to buy MapleStory Mesos, you can go to, where provide instant MapleStory Mesos delivery.


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