New Update about MapleStory 2 Chaos Rising is Awesome

A brand new update came to MapleStory 2 on November 8, including a brand new Chaos Rising theme plus advertising a Thanksgiving event. The update is officially live although Turkey Terror will run from now until December 6th. 


It can be said that Chaos Raids are sophisticated challenges that will require much more from you than any of your other challenges that Maple World has presented so far. Skipping more than almost the whole dungeon and heading straight for the final boss, you'll only have 15 minutes to take your enemy down. Your foes have vast amounts of wellness and their attacks will strike tougher than ever, so you will need to have potent weapons, a good group and swift considering to succeed.


MapleStory 2 Chaos Rising


It is nice to experience something new and different mechanics, it is refreshing, to better enjoy the new event, Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos on may be a wise choice for you, and they are cheap. Every character can total each Chaos Raid a total of 3 times per day and 6 occasions per week, and also you will need the following Gear Scores to be able to enter:


Shadow Altar: 4,500 Gear Score

Moonlight Fortress: 5,900 Gear Score

Ludibrium Clock Tower (coming Nov. 30): 7,800 Gear Score



Beating the boss doesn't have to be it, even though. Like with Hard Adventures, each and every Chaos Raid has a set of objectives that you can comprehensive to show your mastery over the monsters. You might be content with just the A Rank rewards you will get from defeating the boss, but every single week it is possible to earn bonus prizes for displaying accurate mastery using the Weekly Rank Rewards!


C Rank Reward: 3x Red Stars, 1x Special Red Potion

B Rank Reward: 5x Red Stars, 2x Special Red Potion

A Rank Reward: 7x Red Stars, 3x Special Red Potion

S Rank Reward: Lv. 50 Epic Cape Bonus Value Re-roller, Lv. 50 Epic Belt Bonus Value Re-roller

S+ Rank Reward: Lv. 50 Epic Earrings Bonus Value Re-roller, Lv. 50 Epic Necklace Bonus Value Re-roller, Lv. 50 Epic Ring Bonus Value Re-roller


How do players react to MapleStory 2 Chaos Raids? We collected some of the views of the players:


"My experience in chaos raid is amazing! last night the best we got was until around 55% but that's okay as we are still learning the mechanics I bet that by the end of the week ill finish it off."


"It's just crazy, I mean absolutely crazy, that people are complaining they can't get clear on the first day."


"I really don't understand why people feel like they should be able to complete the most difficult content atm in one run. It's supposed to be hard. This is starting to feel like the participation trophy discussion in real life."


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