News About MapleStory 2 Let Legendary Gamers Unstoppable

There is a recent highlighting events that have left MapleStory legendary gamers unstoppable: MapleStory 2 open beta in China is coming out.



It can be said that the opportunity to find the past, experience the feeling of fun groping every day in MapleStory has never been so close. In recent days, the "Dwarf Mushroom" fan community is boiling over the latest news from MapleStory 2.


Despite appearing since 2015, however, until the 21st of September 1977, the touching of the second part of the monument in the role becomes a little easier. Indeed, as soon as it is open beta in China, MapleStory 2 will be released by Tencent as a free hour of play. This makes a complete difference to buying an extremely expensive original account like when you were in Korea.


First of all, it is straightforward that MapleStory 2 will have a completely different gameplay than the first. This is the comment of not only the writers, but many players around the world have acknowledged. There is only one common point between the two MapleStory parts that they maintain the same world. Just the transition from the horizontal screen fighting style to the open world in the third person perspective has made many players are not surprised.


Almost everything in the game revolves around Mana, because there will be no potion to be first. You will need to upgrade enough items to speed up the mana recovery faster, ensuring the combo skill is constantly uninterrupted. There will not be many options for career development as the first, even when the "beat" is no longer "spray rate".


It seems that in this section, the cumbersome and complicated things are eliminated and simplified as possible. Anyway, part 2 is in the mission system. Tons of missions are waiting for you and other teammates to explore. Obviously, MapleStory 2 focuses on the community more than the first.

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