Nexon America Will Add New Updates to MapleStory

Nexon America is preparing to release a pair of big updates to MapleStory. The first "cover: evolution" will be launched in June. Coverage: Entrepreneurship is expected to be available in July. Both will bring new work skills for players, new locations, and even new planets to explore the progress and enhance the role of new methods.



‘Override: Evolve’ will feature:
• Stronger Skills For 5th Job Advancement: Every class will gain access to new 5th job advancement skills, making them more powerful than ever;
• Exciting ‘Legion System’: Characters who become ‘Legion Members’ will have access to the ‘Synergy Grid’ which will give players special bonuses depending on their ‘Legion Rank’.  Players can upgrade their rank and earn rewards;
• New and Improved ‘Omega Sector’: Players will be able to visit Dr. Kim in his lab as he prepares to investigate the nearby UFO with his team of M-Forcers. Prepare to visit new maps and fight new monsters, including a new boss! 


‘Override: Venture’ will feature:
•‘Eluna Event’: Travel to the colony planet of Eluna, where players can mine the riches to earn experience and level up. Minerals can be acquired by hunting monsters, completing missions, overcoming traps and more;
• New Epic Area ‘Arcana’: Arcana is home to the Spirit Tree which has started to lose its power. Players must help the spirits of the forest save the tree from dying. Complete quests and receive the new Arcane symbol ‘Arcana’.

For more information on MapleStory, please visit: Fans can also focus on MapleStory's official Facebook and Twitter pages for more detailed information about upcoming "overwrite" updates.


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