Nexon Brings the Blaze Wizard to Pocket MapleStory

Nexon's giving Pocket MapleStory a little love today as they're bringing about their newest update featuring a brand-new character, Which named Blaze Wizard, then you can choose this character if you want to change one, because it will be more interesting than your old character, because there are a lot new features in this new character.



Pocket MapleStory is a huge MMORPG based on the popular side-scrolling PC game. You battle as adorable, chibi characters and can take part in over 1,500 different quests inside the colourful world of MapleStory. With nine characters to play as, what else is missing?


Nexon's most recent update sees a tenth character added to the mix – the beloved Blaze Wizard. As the top magician of Crygnus Knight, the Blaze Wizard offers you her powerful magic to defeat the Black Mage. Using the element of fire, she absolutely annihilates her enemies so get excited.


Grab the game here on Google Play or the App Store if you haven't downloaded it already, and happy battling, Champions. If you need to buy MapleStory mesos when you need, please to to, there are a lot cheap and safe MapleStory mesos for sale for both EU and US server.


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