Nexon Posts Opening for MapleStory 2 Production Manager

MapleStory 2 has been silent for a long while, but the recent job posting from Nexon for a MapleStory 2 Production Manager should hopefully ease some fears of the game’s Western release. buy cheap Maple Story mesos!

The posting in question humorously seeks an individual whose “ability to manage multiple high level projects makes mere mortals weep” and who has enough experience in the field that “the hallowed halls of the industry ring loud with your name.” In more specific detail, the posting seeks someone with online gaming knowledge, time management and leadership skills and a Bachelor’s degree to handle “the tactical publishing and live service life cycle” of the game.

The posting has no specific date of closure, and the official Nexon site holds no new clues on when MapleStory 2 will release.

Our Thoughts

Well, at least we know they’re still working! The light-hearted nature of the job posting seems to lean towards things for MapleStory 2 moving along well enough, but there’s obviously not much to really gauge. Still, it’s interesting that they’re hoping to take on a new arrival to lead the game forward.

Your Thoughts

Does this give you new hope that MapleStory 2 is still being launched, or is this a signal to you of a Western release in trouble? Give us your thoughts below in the comments!


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