Phantom Skill Build Guide For MapleStory

Every MapleStory player want to play game easier, so they need to know some guides for this game, they they will learn some skills to do tasks with less time, then they could make more mesos, so today I will introduce Phantom Skill Build Guide For MapleStory. If you want to know more MapleStory guides or if you want to buy cheap MapleStory Mesos, you can follow this link:


• Play Style: Phantom's skills give him high mobility, quick attack, high dodge opportunities and high critical damage rates.

• He is the fourth of the legendary five heroes, four of whom are heroes, one of the hero's heels Allen, Emerson, and Mercedes.

• Although we use male pronouns outside of the game to refer to Phantom, you can choose to play the male or female version of Phantom in the game.

• After the tutorial, Phantom will receive a cane and card. Phantom skills can not be used unless both are equipped.

• Lumiere's NPC Serge sells a cane on Lv.25 and sells the card through Lv.120.

• In addition to the device NPC, Lumiere there is a general store NPC and a storage NPC.

• Each Phantom role has its own personal cash stock and is not shared with other roles.

• Phantom can get 10,000,000 mesos car seats from Lv.100. This installation can be upgraded to Lv.200.

• Phantom can use Skill Swipe to steal other Explorer roles. Not all skills can be stolen.

• Stolen skills can be used with Phantom's impeccable memory map skills. With the progress of each job, impeccable memory skills have reached a new level, Phantom can steal skills from a higher level of work.

• The skills management interface can be used to manage which stolen skills will be combined with impeccable memory skills.

• The skills management UI can be opened using the skills called Loadout.

• Double-click or right-click the Skill icon to select the stolen skills that will be bound by invalid memory.

• Once Phantom enters the second job, the card appears on the right side of the screen.

• When the SP is added to the Carte Blanc skill, the card number will increase at the set speed when the Phantom attack causes serious damage.

• Once the deck is full, Phantom can use the judgment drawing skills, which can cause additional card attacks and give Phantom a random buff from the card card.

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