Pocket MapleStory MMORPG Will Be Available On Android

MapleStory is one of the most popular video games in all PC games, by the fans around the world love and appreciation. And we could see how Pocket MapleStory helps to build and grow the legacy of PC game. And recently Nexon launches Pocket MapleStory MMORPG will be available on Android, Which again in the MapleStory of the players set off a new wave. Then let us see more details about the news.

The side-scrolling game allows players to complete more than 1,500 quests, and offers both single and multiplayer gameplay.
Nexon has announced the worldwide release of Pocket MapleStory on Android devices. This side-scrolling MMORPG is inspired by the original MapleStory, which has been available on PC for more than 10 years. Pocket MapleStory allows users to explore Maple World and complete more than 1,500 quests.
In Pocket MapleStory, users choose to become one of three heroes: Dual Blade, Angelic Buster or Demon Slayer. Each has its own skills and fighting style, and more characters will be added going forward.
Players explore environments using a virtual joystick for movement and buttons for jumping, attacking and hot bar items, like potions. Players can join parties with other users to complete dungeons in real-time, and can also join guilds with others gamers.
With the players getting higher and higher technology, they can also enhance the role of skills, In addition, players can also through the hair, equipment and clothing to customize the hearts of their heroic image.Moreover, You can have some pets and mounts in game.
You can download Pocket MapleStory for free on Google Play now, and IOS will be coming soon, so some IOS users do not need to worry too much, you can play on your Mobile terminal too in the near future. If you want to buy cheap MapleStory Mesos, you can go visit www.ms4mesos.com, there are a lot safe MapleStory mesos for sale.

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