Pros And Cons Of MapleStory Luminous Skill

In the battle with the black mage, and other heroes together, trying to block him. But the black mage can not pass some of his darkness to the light before. Now must learn to control the terrible power of the dark magic, and then will consume his soul and into the dark world. Today I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this skill.



•  Share your professional in this job!

•  Incredible riots, some of the fastest leveling in the game. When grinding, this lesson should not be felt

•  Sunfire and Eclipse in their respective skills, comprehensive damage and damage per second up to every second.

•  Balance the unique game mechanism.

•  Amazing connection (10/15/20% PDR) and high built-in PDR (extra + 40% of Ende, boss's skills)

•  End has guaranteed a crit, so the light is free to invest in other statistics.

•  the impact on the dark state.



•  Limited to the very dramatic game mode. If the 1 balance is not enough to kill, the glow needs to wait for the next balance over a minute.

•  Mobile bosses such as Magnus and Ranmaru or damaged bosses may waste a balance, forcing you to waste 2 minutes.

•  Slow and slow. Need good boss mechanics knowledge.

•  If you only need to use Reflection, you will have no money to grind.

•  heavily dependent (6 buffs + equilibrium)

•  Only 1 party buff.


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