Shorter Bursts of Gaming Periods

It's colorful anime-style aesthetic , action-oriented gameplay mechanics and engaging plotlines are all present, only simplified for shorter bursts of gaming periods. Players looking to beat the competition will be able to participate in the various PVP mode leagues, which are ranked based on players' character levels. buy Maple Story mesos. Players level 30 and above will fall under the rookie league; Gladiators level 70 and above will battle each other; level 120 characters and above will participate in the Veteran league, and characters level 180 and above will battle each other in the Legend League. Veteran and Legend League fighters will be permitted to use all of their skills while Rookie and Gladiator players can employ their 2nd jobs and 3rd jobs respectively.

Along with the traditional action MMORPG elements that the original PC version offers, players will be able to interact with their Facebook friends by inviting them to complete quests. When hired, friends' avatars will appear alongside the player to help attack enemies through asynchronous play.

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Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.