Speed runner beats Super Mario Bros. 3 in two seconds

We’ve seen a lot of amazing video game speed runs over the years but this one could be the most impressive ever. Buy cheap Maple Story mesos! As part of Summer Games Done Quick, a Tool Assisted Speed Runner (TAS) by the name of ais523 managed to pull of the impossible and beat Super Mario Bros. 3 in two seconds. This may very well be one of the fastest speed runs of all time.

This speed run cannot be achieved by normal means. The speed runner discovered that rapidly pressing the buttons on the Nintendo Entertainment System controller allowed him to insert new code into the game. Since the human hand can only rapidly press buttons a limited amount of times, he had to use a Nintendo robot called TASBot (a modified R.O.B. robot) to mash buttons at 6000 times a second. Using a specific pattern, he was able to jump from the game’s opening screen to the final one in two seconds.

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