Tencent Has Opened MapleStory 2 This Year

This will be the official version of the game and gamers can experience absolutely free.


Since its introduction in 2015, MapleStory 2 has always received the attention of a large number of global gamers because of its non-target action gameplay with extremely interesting combos. Move characters in the game through the keyboard. The game is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Nexon Korea.



Inheriting the success of the previous version, the game continues to exploit the cute graphics on the unique 3D platform and bring out new and interesting gameplay style in accordance with the trend of the era. Not to lose the inherent identity to bring a virtual world that appeals to both old and new gamers.


MapleStory 2 has been brought to China market since 2016 and officially launched the Open Beta version on 21.9.2017. Games are released as free so global players will participate very easily, no need to spend money to buy games like the Korean version.


The community of gamers can refer to the information as well as join the registration of MapleStory 2 account (using QQ account).

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