Territory Control-based PvP Mode

Players will be able to select one of two distinct character classes, the Magician or the Warrior. The game will feature the same style of customization options players have come to love in MapleStory, simplified for the Facebook platform so that players can extend their gameplay experience beyond the PC version. buy Maple Story mesos. The epic PvP event of a lifetime has come to MapleStory... From May 25th to June 28th, the Winner Bake All PvP event is running live in MapleStory, and you need to join a side, Cake or Pie, and fight for your baked good of choice. Check out this territory control-based PvP mode, and let us know what you think. It sounds delicious.Once players customize their avatar, they can enter Maple World to complete tasks and quests in order to increase their level to gain access to more advanced areas and items. Each area contains a variety of NPCs and monsters as well as new challenges to face and skills to upgrade.

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