What Are the Best Weapons in Maplestory M and How To Get Them

Some Maplestory M newbies may well do not know what's the top weapon in Maplestory M. In today's guide we're going to share a full Maplestory M weapons guide on tips on how to uncover the ideal weapon for your class. And ensure that you maintain upgrading that weapon to offer you maximum advantages constantly.



And what is the greatest weapon for each and every class?


There is certainly a single crucial point to appear at and that may be acquiring a weapon with maximum damage. Do not look for fancy, rare and insanely expensive weapons whose harm is really below that of a personally leveled up standard weapon! Select a frequent, but make sure that it has Max DMG for the class and its type.


Now, you will discover no places (but) where you can appear for the max damage in the weapons in an effort to ensure that you are indeed acquiring the correct one, but based on substantial playing and testing, these are the values that we take into account to be correct, primarily based on the distinct classes within the game:


- Warrior: 27

- Archer: 28

- Mage: 30

- Thief: 29

- Pirate: 28


So constantly appear, primarily based around the class you're in, for any regular weapon with all the damage listed above. But the difficulty with normal weapons is that you cannot see something, however, the Scissor Cuts in their stats section when looking to buy it in the Trade Station.


For that reason, practical experience and grinding comes into play again and based on our encounter, they are the weapons you should concentrate on receiving in an effort to possess the most effective possibilities for super expertise that unlock any time you level up your typical weapon for the subsequent level.


They are, in my opinion, the very best weapon varieties for every class in Maplestory M:


- Warrior: Jaihin weapons

- Archer: Briser Guns

- Mage: Jaihin

- Thief: Briser weapons

- Pirate: Briser


So, combining this understanding together with the Max Damage listed above, you might be able to sort by means of the trash within the Trade Station (or grind your way into the game like crazy until you get it) and discover your best weapon based in your class.


This can be also the cheapest technique to do it, as regular weapons are usually on sale for much less than rarer weapons and you can enhance their rarity levels as you play. This also ensures which you will usually have maximum damage and, although there's a bit of uncertainty regarding the stats, by picking out the recommended ones above you won't go incorrect.


Best Weapons in Maplestory M


How can you find the weapons?


If you have been playing Maplestory M for a while, you realize already that very good weapons are very difficult to come by as you begin out. But you shouldn't drop hope as there (still) can be a spot where you can discover some incredible offers: the Trade Station.


That is definitely exactly where you may eventually locate your finest weapon and no location else. In spite of the fact that it is crowded and costs vary from correct bargains to insanely high priced, it's the easiest approach to get your hands on the very best weapon for the class and buy MapleStory M Mesos sometimes can benefit you.


Hopefully, this aids you superior program your moves and approach within the game and also you understand how what's the most beneficial weapon in Maplestory M for the character. The sooner you get a single and function on upgrading it, a lot easier it can be.

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