What Do You Spend the Money on Maplestory

Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to this game, and am unsure of what the later part of the game consists of. I see people constantly talking about "investment" and assume this is referring to real money stuff. I am not here to bash the game for being p2w or anything; that being said, I would like to hear from any experienced players, answers to the following:



How much money do you spend on the game? What do you spend the money on? Are there things that you HAVE to spend money on to be on the same power level as people who spend money? If not, how much more time do you have to invest to reach that point? And if so, how much less powerful are you than the wallet warriors?


Side question: I've never touched reboot and while I have a general understanding of what it's trying to do, are any of these problems fixed/reduced/worsened/created by reboot as opposed to the normal servers?


Again, not looking for any argument about whether the game is "p2w" or not, or on the flipside, not looking for someone saying maplestory is the greatest game of all time, I would just like an unbiased view of what exactly paying in this game achieves for you, and how well you can do as MINIMAL investment.


Maplestory became pay to win in 2009 when the big bang patch was released and it changed the system of power for weapons. Potential lines came out and you could reset them for $1.30. I invested alot of money during that time and continued to do so when they made better gear and released a new tier. As of now I spend barely anything cause I'm established but it took alot of money to get there. I could have done it all for free if I had the time to do so. However my time is spent at my career job therefore money was how I kept up with the kids who can play 10 hours per day.


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